Here you can understand the history of roulette|en

Here you can understand the history of roulette
[ 14-12-2017 ]
Here you can understand the history of roulette

Here you can understand the history of roulette

Like a lot of games in casinos, it's hard to know exactly what the history of the roulette and when it starts to be seen as a game of the game. Some people think that roulette originated in an ancient Chinese game, this game a total of thirty-seven statues, then more into Tibet, and finally reached the French multi-Ming I will be a group of monks in the hands.

After the monks were more responsible for the statue into a number, and then mixed the figures and put on a wheel, which became the initial roulette. There are others who think that the roulette is a French scholar Blaise Pascal who invented the monastery for a period of time in 1665, after which the roulette game was introduced to the French casino.

But there is also a more general and acceptable theory that the inventors of the roulette are French Francois and Louis Blanc, because they simply add a number word to the roulette.

Gambling was illegal in France at the time, so it was introduced to Hamburg in Germany. There, the roulette soon became a very popular game. Subsequently, Francois and his son Camille, the roulette playback to France. At that time, Monaco Prince Charles Charlotte was very interested in this game, and until today the world-famous Monte Carlo casino was also established at that time.

Later in the nineteenth century, the roulette was passed into the United States, but in addition to the original zero, they added a "double" zero (00) to the roulette. This is different from the French roulette is unique to the United States, and later became the American roulette.

Roulette goes online

Up until the early 2000s, if you wanted to play single zero Roulette, you needed to head to Europe. If you wanted double zero Roulette, your best bet was the Malaysia. But that all changed with the introduction of online Roulette casinos. No matter where in the world you live, online casinos give you the option to play any online Roulette variation.