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About Online Slot Game
[ 08-01-2018 ]
About Online Slot Game

About Online Slot Game

Slot games in Online Casino is a kind of casino game which players push the button to spin by three or more reels. Players have to match certain symbols such as fruits, letters or shapes in order to win the money. There are many different types of slot machines and players may confuse what is the exact difference between each game.

First of all, the most common slot machine is single reel slots, a machine with three symbols on one reel and players’ aim is to line up that three symbols to win. This kind of machine is a classics slot machine. The number of symbols per reel will directly influence players’ odds and payout.

Video slot machine involves electronic spinning reels displayed on a screen. It has a variety of lines, graphics and betting choices. This type of machine enables to introduce bonus games and free rounds which is linked to the progressive jackpot. It is also a precursor to online slot games. Most online casino has animated a theme of video slots game.


Multi-line slot machines have more reels and more lines. The principle of the single reel is totally same as players have to line up those symbols. In multi-line game, players can bet on one line or more than that. More line enable players to earn winnings by using two or more symbols from several lines.

In Malaysia & Singapore, online slot betting sites, there are many online slot games platform to choose from,  namely, Playtech, SCR888, ACE333, Leocity88, Microgaming, Maxim, Royal 3D, Suncity, and many more. You may try it out at Gd2One either on your mobile phone or personal computer anytime, anywhere!