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Tips to Win Sic Bo game
[ 27-10-2017 ]
Tips to Win Sic Bo game

Tips to win at Sic BO

Online Sic Bo is a game of chance, but that does not mean you have no control over your game. Following a few simple Sic Bo tips can help you to win at Sic Bo and to enjoy your Sic Bo gambling experience.

Find the Best Online Sic Bo Casino

All online Sic Bo games are not created equal. The Sic Bo rules and payouts vary considerably from casino to casino. For example, a winning bet on a total of 4 or 17 pays out 62-to-1 at Wild Jack Casino; in some casinos, it pays only 60-to-1. A bet on a specific double pays 11-to-1 at Wild Jack; other casinos pay only 10-to-1. A specific triple pays 180-to-1 at Wild Jack but 150-to-1 at some casinos.You are not always going to win at Sic Bo. But when you do win, you want to win the maximum amount possible.

Understand the Sic Bo Bets

Sic Bo is not a difficult game to play, but it is complicated in the sense that there are many different types of bets you can make. You can also make multiple bets, and even wager different amounts of money on different bets, all in the same Sic Bo game. So it is important to understand the Sic Bo rules and to understand the different types of bets, how to place each bet, and how much you stand to win or lose on each bet.

A caveat to keep in mind, however, is that the house advantage is a mathematical analysis of the expected outcome over the very long run. It is not a prediction of what the result will be for one individual (such as you) in the course of one online Sic Bo gambling session.

Vary Your Sic Bo Bets

The Small and Big bets are good sound Sic Bo bets. They have low house advantages, and, with either one, you are likely to win at Sic Bo almost half the time.

A good way to keep your Sic Bo game interesting is to mix up your bets.

There are so many different Sic Bo bets to choose from, each one with different odds and different payouts. You will find that the more variety you add to your Sic Bo gambling, the more fun and exciting it will turn out to be. And, after all, fun and excitement are the reasons for playing Sic Bo in the first place.

Play Practice Online Sic Bo Games

One of the advantages of playing Sic Bo online is that you can play practice games for free. Land-based casinos do not allow this, but most Internet casinos do. It is an opportunity that you ought to take advantage of. Playing practice games enables you to get a feel for the game and to try out different Sic Bo strategies and to become familiar with all the different bets. Then, when you feel good and ready, you can start to play Sic Bo for real money.