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Types of Baccarat Casino Table Game
[ 10-08-2017 ]
Types of Baccarat Casino Table Game

Verient of Baccarat Card Game and which one is popular in Land Casino and which in Live Online Casino Baccarat is a casino table game and has similarly to blackjack.


Baccarat was introduced in France by Italians, sometime between the years 1483 and 1498. While there are main 3 types of game play – Name it: Punto Banco, Baccarat Chemin De Far, Baccarat Banque The 2 later rarely be found at commercial casino either online or land based casino. In the other hands, Punto Banco, however, is offered at pretty much at any casino and also Live Online Casino and increasing in popularity.

As we know, Baccarat card game very famous and categorized as a high-class casino game. Baccarat also comes in several versions as below: One is Punto Blanco Baccarat, also known as an American version. This one comes with eight decks of cards.

Here, the probability of winning for the Banker is around 46%, while Players are at a slight disadvantage at 45%. For a Tie, the probability of winning is around 9-10%. Meanwhile, Baccarat Chemins de Fer is the French version. This game involves six decks of cards. Here, a Player can act as a Banker, and Players can also bet against each other. This version is popular in European casinos, and some online casinos also have it. Another version is Baccarat en Banque. Here, three decks of cards are typical.

Whoever makes the highest bet, becomes the Banker. Players can choose to have another card drawn is their count is five or less. When it comes to Macau and Asia casinos, Three Card Baccarat is most popular there. Only one deck of 52 cards is used. Here, face cards are worth zero points, while other cards are worth their number (4 points for “4” card, 6 points for “6” card, etc.). Also, three cards are given to every participant rather than two as with other versions of baccarat, and the participant with most points wins. There’s also Mini Baccarat for those who like to make smaller bets. This version is often found at online casinos. Keep in mind that typically the casino has an advantage of 1 or 2% for Banker and Player sides. And it can be as much as 15% for Tie bets.

Conclusion, in Malaysia & Singapore Online Casino Baccarat mainly are Punto Blanco Baccarat, also known as America Version. Check out GD2one Live dealer live casino and experience yourself.