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Dragon Tiger Casino Game
[ 17-07-2017 ]
Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Dragon Tiger is an Asian casino game, a lot of online gambling network has this game. Because it is the result quickly and also easy to learn, by a lot of players love.

Those who like to win under the rules of the players to bet on the black eye is added to it. Dragon and Tiger use one or more of the standard 52 cards, excluding the size of the king, the general card is issued from the black Jack box, the box put six or eight cards. Unlike most casino games, the dragon and tiger is not a game against the player. It is similar to baccarat, the player is the key to the game to choose the right to bet, that is, the dragon or the tiger side, the player needs to predict which side of the card is bigger. In the baccarat, the players and the dealer will get several cards, and in the dragon and tiger, the dragon side and the tiger side will only get a card, the war with the casino like. Each only one card, not multiple.


Bet on the dragon side or the tiger side, the players waiting for the dealer to the two sides licensing, the card face up. But there are two very important rules to note: First, A minimum, the size of the order from low to high order A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -10-JQK. In addition, regardless of whether the player bet on the dragon side or the tiger side, if the points on both sides, such as 8 to 8, then the draw, the casino will take half of the amount of betting as a commission. In addition to the draw, the other cases are high points for the win, the low point of the input to judge.


Players can also bet on one draw, that is, one of the 6468 results in the 86320 results. The odds of the draw are 8 to 1, making the casino up to 32.77%. If you play a casino war, you should know that the odds of the draw are 10 to 1, casino advantage is only half of the tiger, roughly 17.83%. In fact, the online gaming site odds can reach 11 to 1, casino advantage of 10.36%.

Size of charge

Players can bet on which cards (dragon or tiger side) will be big (greater than 7), or small (less than 7). Six cards can be considered big, that is, 8,9,10, J, Q, K, there are six are considered small, that is, A, 2,3,4,5,6. If the player is betting on the size, he will win the bet, and if the bet is wrong, the bet will lose. If the last card points are 7, it is also set to lose. In this play method, the casino advantage is 7.69%.

Stick color

Players can also bet on the color of the cards. If the bet on the odds of 3 to 1, if the charge color is not distributed (to the dragon side or tiger side), then it is judged to lose. Similarly, if the 7 o'clock, the casino will draw a commission.Join us now at gd2one.com to claim your 100% welcome bonus!