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ACE333 Arcade Game - Football Boys
[ 21-06-2017 ]
ACE333 Arcade Game - Football Boys

ACE333 Arcade Game - Football Boys (Bola Sepak)

This is the good news for Malaysia online casino players! Introducing the new game from ACE333 Arcade game – FOOTBALL BOYS (Bola Sepak). An interesting and addictive game for online casino players and football lover. This Football Boys (Bola Sepak) actually is a very popular gaming at arcade centre in Malaysia market right now. ACE333 is the first in the market able to play online by mobile phone, tablet or PC anytime, anywhere.

In this Football Boys (Bola Sepak) game, display the attractive 3D football court background and football celebrity music while playing the games. Football Boys (Bola Sepak) provide 4 football teams and 3 colours for players to choose for betting. The 4 teams are Manchester United team, Arsenal team, Barcelona team and Real Madrid team. And the 3 colours are: Red, Yellow and Green. Players can place the bet per chip from RM0.50, RM1.00, RM5.00, RM10.00, RM50.00 and RM100.00. Besides, Football Boys (Bola Sepak) offered randomly jackpot when the football team’s flag is matching in the middle of the football court, players can see there 2 team fights for penalties kick and win the jackpot!

ACE333 Football Boys (Bola Sepak) offered players to play at any time anytime where. There are safer compare players play at arcade centre or online casino shop lot. Save time, no need to worried about jamming and parking issue, players can just be lying on your bed, place your betting and win the jackpot! Other than that, Footboy Boys (Bola Sepak) running one game only take less than a minute time to process, the faster way for players to hit the winning and jackpot! ACE333 there is a lot of promotion for you to join us today!

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